About Nundah Now Inc

Our purpose

Nundah Now is an incorporated organisation composed of volunteers which aims to coordinate social and economic development activities in the Nundah district, provide a united voice for the Nundah district, develop and implement community and economic development projects, lobby and advocate for and on behalf of the Nundah district, seek government and private sector resources for the area, undertake coordinated promotional and marketing campaigns, develop and support community networks and undertake any other related activities.

A Management Committee is elected annually and meets bimonthly. New members are very welcome! Nundah.com is an initiative designed to share the region’s unique history and heritage, provide information on current news and upcoming events and showcase local businesses to the online community. Co-ordinated by Nundah Now, nundah.com remains locally focused and committed to sharing the spirit of the community.


Contact details

PO Box 129 Nundah Village, Qld 4012
ph: Secretary 0421 332 231
email: nundahnow@nundah.com